On 1st June 2017, the newly merged Mandala team has moved into a single new office in Jakarta for operating all three assets. Please see the updated contact details in our website.

Lemang PSC

  • Up to 10 wells Akatara Development Drilling commenced on May 11, 2017, with completion operations ongoing on the first well.
  • Exploration activity is progressing in parallel with the Phase I Development drilling campaign.
  • In Q1 2017, a surface geochemical survey was completed. We are planning for an exploration well to be drilled on recently acquired 3D seismic, within the next 12-18 months, which if successful, will be appraised immediately and put on production as soon as possible.

Sumbagsel & Merangin III

  • In Q2 2017, Mandala awarded a contract for the acquisition of 100 sq. km. of 3D seismic to GSI and preparations are already under way for acquisition in Q3 2017.
  • Mandala‚Äôs aim is to drill one or more exploration wells in the PSC in 2018, which if successful, will be appraised immediately and put on production as soon as possible.
  • Plans are currently progressing to also acquire 3D seismic in the Merangin III block in Q1 2018.

December 2017

Mandala Energy Management Pte. Ltd., through its subsidiary Mandala Energy Lemang Pte. Ltd., announces the commencement of production from some of the recently drilled Akatara development wells. On drill pad B, 2 new oil producers have been drilled and completed, with the Akatara B2 well tested without artificial lift at a combined rate of 4,319 bopd from 2 zones in the Lower Talang Akar Formation. No water was produced on test. The Akatara B3 well was tested at 58 bopd under non-optimised conditions and is expected to flow 250 bopd once artificial lift is available early 2018. In addition, 1 water injection well (BWI1) was drilled and completed and will be used for reservoir pressure maintenance. These 3 wells are in addition to the existing Selong-1 well drilled from the same drill pad. The Selong-1 well is expected to produce 300 bopd once artificial lift is available early 2018. The wells will now be produced as per the approved Reservoir Management Plan, which incorporates subsurface and surface considerations and reflects the Mandala Energy philosophy of full asset integration to increase long term value for the company.

Development drilling at the Akatara drill pad (A) has now been completed, and following completion operation and planned workover on existing wells, it is expected that the Akatara field production will be increased further.

Construction of the third and fourth Akatara drill pads for Q1/Q2 2018 development drilling is currently underway.