The company’s mandate is to build a diversified portfolio across Southeast Asia. This portfolio will include oil and gas assets across diverse fiscal regimes within established plays in the ASEAN region and will span the full cycle of exploration, development and production.

Partnership with KKR provides depth of financial capability, and the flexibility to be a dynamic capital solution provider to suit the needs of different counterparties. Mandala Energy is differentiated in the marketplace by the innovative combination of its technical and commercial skills alongside its financial flexibility. This drives advantaged deal access, execution and delivery. Mandala aims to leverage this to capitalise on what it believes to be an opportune macro backdrop in the region and build a credible, regional oil and gas independent of scale. Together, we are ideally equipped to deliver innovative, value-adding solutions for all stakeholders, and seek to become a regional ‘partner of choice’.

The name “Mandala”, in the political context, refers to soft power doctrine that governed relationships amongst ancient principalities in the Southeast Asia region. The company’s goal is to nurture its extensive relationships with many parties in Southeast Asia and to build and maintain long term, successful partnerships.